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Lining = Protection + Insulation + Fullness:

 Satin Lining:




Satin lining will create a better-looking final product, sometime, will help more privacy or light control . The basic lining is 100/polyester in white ,ivory color and is sewn directly panel.                                                                             

Blackout Liner: 


 Blackout Liner: It has room darkening and noise reduction benefits and allows for maximum privacy


Flannel Interlining: We use only white, 100% cotton Heavy Flannel. Silks by their nature are fine, thin materials; interlining is used to add fullness, richness and body to the panels. Interlining is placed between the silk and the outer liner. Not recommended for use with Black-Out lining.


Drapery Panel Pricing - see chart below:

  Add dye to match satin lining to your curtains for an additional $2.00 per panel (Panel up to 96" X 25"Pleat or 54" rod pocket )

  Add dye to match blackout lining to your curtains for an additional $4.00 per panel (Panel up to 96" X 25"Pleat or 54" rod pocket )


1)Non-Pleated -Drapery Panel-54''

2) Pleated Drapery Panel-25''


Panels up to 96” long add:

Panels 97-150” long add:

Panels 151-200” long add:

Panels 201-240” long add:

Satin Lining





Black-Out Lining





Flannel Interlining





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